We would like to express our appreciation and sincerely thank CreativeWebStyle  for their hard work and professionalism in creating our website. The other key element of our company was branding - our unique logo was conceptualized and created by Kliment Kalchev (kliment.bg). We imagined the company identity to have a clean and clear image, easily adaptable for all use - online as well as print and he managed to achieve just that through the stylized number five which forms the first part of the logo and by choosing to use texture and a silver color representing a solid thought process and ultimately creating the right image for the company.

Why FIVECORNERS? We are used to seeing four angles everywhere - looking out the window we see a frame with four imaginary sides. Even now, you're seeing this text through a computer frame of four sides forming four corners. So what defines the fifth angle? Your perspective is the most important angle in this world full with colors. Your unique vantage point defines your take on everything which surrounds you.